Monday, 28 July 2008

Review: Avon Cynthia Rowley Eyeshadow Quad - Plum Orchid

Well, I'd been eyeing up this for a while, always been on my wishlist, but was constantly getting pushed back every order. So i said enough, it will be mine dammit!! And so it was mine, came with my last order a week and a bit ago, and it's quite a doosy.

Packaging: Solid, sturdy, presentable. Cynthia Rowleys design on the front of the compact is a gorgeous touch, showing how unique this is. Even the actual shape of the front isnt and rounded as the regular quad's.. which is good, however i prefer this shape WAY more than the irritating rounded lid where it's difficult to hold. A good clean large mirror on the inside, and a small duo ended sponge applicator, makes this worth the money i spent.
Shade/s: The first is quite a pale yellow gold with slight gold sparkle to it - would need foiling for a greater depth of colour.. but still exquisite. The second is a taupe/chestnut brown.. don't really rate so much, it's a matte so it's not magical. The third is a more dark woody brown, not woody enough to be interesting though, just a bland matte brown really. However, the final colour is a rich plummy purple, which makes the quad interesting with the gold to be honest. Definately a versatile colour - line, use for smokey eyes, a toned down work look.. brilliant.
Texture: Mostly mattes and one slight sparkly. So i guess the textures aren't as varied as i hoped.. but the softness of the mattes isn't terrible - you can blend them well enough. If you prefer mattes for your look then this would be perfect. For me though, its a meh.
Price: Normally £7 individually, but i got this is a two items for £8 deal, so it only cost me £4. Deal i say!
Wearability: No creasing with these products, so thats a bonus. Hard to shift unless with a cosmetic applicator or with some cleanser. Versatile as i previously stated, however you won't beable to achieve a light look. High scores from me.
Total Score 8.8/10!
Novembre - Aquamarine (2006 Materia)

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