Friday, 15 August 2008

Random parcels of fun Part 2

Well here we go with the rest of my Revlon mysterious freebies, along with the gloss, i also got this wonderful eyeshadow palette. Only recently did i realise that this was a limited edition set! You can still buy this at the moment in stores - and the retail price currently is £12 from Superdrug - however they're having it on sale atm for £8, so that's pretty awesome really considering the price of most Revlon products.

Revlon - Soft On The Eyes Sheer Loose Shadow

Revlon's bio for this product is:

'Encircle eyes with a unique "watercolor"-inspired palette of four ultra-light loose shadows. The formula is sheer yet buildable, to adapt coverage and provide increased color impact as desired. Unique quad with mixing well and brush allows for maximum shade play and customization of color and beauty look. Available in 3 shadow quads.'

I actually received the quad 'Head In The Clouds' which is pictured above, and wow - what an amazing selection of colours - i think i got the most colourful of the three as one is a nudes quad and the other is more based on Autumn.. much darker colours.

Well this was the beauty i received - totally awesome stuff, i'll be honest with you - when i first got it i was a bit confused at how they could do sheer loose powder in a compact (it looked pressed in the palette), then i became scared of opening it - i imagined a ridiculous amount of product flying about! But when i opened it.. such an awesome gliding plastic cover rolls off the pigments when opened, and rolls back when closed - as you can see, there's a little mirror in the lid, and little holes over the pigment top to get just enough pigment on your brush. There's a little contour for mixing and foiling, and the brush that came with it - small but so soft and doesn't shed.. i'd buy this just for the brush really - so wonderful!

The only issue is the packaging.. it reminds me of the '80's... really.. meh green for the front with white plain writing? And a splooge in the corner to make it look more high end? Stop, what are you DOING Revlon?? The product is perfection.. if it didn't have this front on the packaging. The actual wearability of these products are endless.. so summery, you can foil them in the contour tray, or create new shades altogether! When applied dry - they're a beautiful soft bunch of colours.. and wet they're so wild and in your FACE! The minerals aren't milled quite as fine as TSS pigments and i will never change my mineral products to Revlon - or any other company - as those pigments are the best you can find. But this is better than other companies out there.. so well done Revlon :P. 9/10

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Random parcels of fun

As the title says.. yesterday i received my expected parcel from E.l.f, but somehow.. i got this little surprise!
Yeah, weird right? Well that's what i thought.. i have no idea where this came from, the parcel had my name and address handwritten on it, but with the Revlon stamp so.. did i win a competition i forgot about? Who knows, so here's some pics and reviews etc..

First things first - i got three extremely awesome products. So i'll go in simple order.

NEW! Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze
Well here's the product on the site (above) and here's the actual product i recieved (below), not a bad looking product - infact it looks really gorgeous.. the packaging is just yum! But the lid made me think there was something in it, i don't know why lol!

Here's a good bio of the product from the Revlon site:

'Revlon’s first longwearing lip gloss with a unique mineral complex that provides a glossy seal of conditioning color. Just one application of this cushiony formula keeps lips coated with comfortable color for up to 8 hours, with no need for touch-ups. Available in 12 gorgeous, glossy shades.'

Well, i got the shade in Neverending Nude, and this is what the colour is meant to look like, as opposed to the actual swatch.

As you can see.. nothing alike!! I would seriously be so pissed off if i bought this thinking that mauve colour was what i was expecting.. there is nothing wrong with the actual formula.. the product itself is nice - a bit thick - but nice! However this is a completely silly difference in colour - what i got was something more sandy/orangey than mauvey. Oh well.. the brush is your standard gloss brush, and the formula is thick, non sticky and lasts for ages! But the colour is just such a disappointment. Not sure about the retail price currently, as this is a new product that hasn't been added to any online drugstore such as boots. Hopefully this product will be put up in the next few weeks as the actual product is great - just not loving the colour! 8/10

Part Two will see some of their Limited Edition stuff.. ohh fabulous!

Killswitch Engage - The End Of Heartache (2004 The End Of Heartache)

Tropical Paradise

Again, i can't help with the face, however i can name the lip product this time and provide a pic for the eye products.. I'm a lifesaver :P! Hope you all enjoy - it's quite a vibrant look that i wouldn't suggest for the light hearted lol.

Products Used (from left to right)

Avon Big Color Eye Pencil - Mint Breeze
Avon Colortrend Pencil Play Eyeliner - White
Avon Colortrend Liquid Liner - Shimmer Green
Avon Colortrend Shimmer Liner - Gold shimmer
Boots No.17 Ultimate Length Mascara - Black
About Face Pigment - Moral Enemy
About Face Pigment - Can't Hide From Karma
About Face Pigment - Shot The Messenger
About Face Pigment - Broken Rules

Bourjois Paris Rouge Pop Lip Colour - Violet

  1. Avon's big colour eye pencil - mint breeze (US sub - try vanilla), Moral Enemy all over lid, Can't hide from Karma outer lid and above crease, Shot the messenger inner lid and brow bone, and Broken Rules along lower lash line. Add a gold liquid liner to the top lash line, making a long thin flick and take a dark green liquid liner and make a thin flick out from the corners of your eyes, just underneath the gold.
  2. Whiten the waterline, add some black mascara and you're done hunny! And for some fun, i added some violet gloss to the lips in thin coats to give just a bright pop.

Any comments, questions, or suggestions, send me an email at, thanks!

Still Remains - The Wax Walls Of An Empty Room (2007 The Serpent)

Electric Gum

Haha unfortunately the power cable to my laptop died with my sanity so i haven't been able to update this thing properly in such a long time (3 days?).. But here's one of my little looks. Unfortunately i can't help anyone with the face or lip stuff, as i didn't get chance to take many pics that day and beable to upload them before my laptop died! Hope you enjoy!

Products used
About Face Pigment - Valley girl
About Face Pigment - Click Your Heels + Orange Iridescent
About Face Pigment - Shards of Glass
About Face Pigment - Snow Capped
Barry M Eyeliner - Hot Pink
Avon Colortrend Kohl Liner - Black
Boots no.17 Ultimate Length Mascara - Black
Astor Mascara - Pink

  1. Valley Girl foiled all over lids, Click Your Heels + Orange Iridescent on the inner lid and lower lash line, Shards Of Glass on the outer lid, working up to the brow bone and Snow Capped along the brow bone, blending into the black and pink. Black kohl to line top and outer bottom lash line, as well as the waterline and hot pink liner on the inner bottom lash line. Black mascara applied with one coat and hot pink mascara on the tips.
  2. Apply some medium hot pink lippy with a slick of clear gloss over the top!

Need some tips, help, suggestions.. then send me an email at, i'll definately help you regardless of your style - natural to wildchild.

Karnivool - Themata (2007 Themata)

Monday, 11 August 2008

Birds Of A Feather

Ok so here was the other look from yesterday - using turquoise as the focus colour, i thought a cute little summer frock would work great with this!

Products used (left to right)

(Same as Candy Cane look)

Avon Anew Firming EyeShadow - Pearl
Avon Colortrend Pencil Play Eyeliner - Turquoise
Avon Colortrend Pencil Play Eyeliner - White
Avon Daring Curves Mascara - Black
Avon Colortrend Shimmer Liner - Turquoise
Avon Liquid Liner - Sea Green
About Face Pigment - Typical Mania
About Face Pigment - Exiled From Eden
About Face Pigment - Acidic Reign
About Face Pigment - Snow Capped

E.L.F Moisture Care Lip Colour - Ruby Slipper

  1. Apply face similar to Candy Cane look.
  2. Layer two coats of the firming serum to the lid - from lash line to brow and wait for a few seconds for each coat to set. Create a medium line all along the top and bottom lash line, making a small flick along the outer corners, then apply Typical Mania dry all over the middle and outer lid, going just upto the crease. Blend Acidic reign very carefully on the outer lid and crease, making sure to blend what is left outwards towards the brow bone to get a classic smokey effect. Layer Exiled from Eden onto the inner lid, making sure the colour blends just a little with the turquoise. Add Snow capped onto the brow bone for a classic highlight and blend into Acidic Reign to help keep a more flow of colour.
  3. Add some tuquoise liquid liner onto the inner top lash line to keep that pop of colour that would have been covered by the eyeshadow, make sure that line isn't too thick! Add some darker turquoise onto the outer lash line to define the eyes a little, make sure there is a little blending between the two liners to keep that flow of colour. Add some black mascara and whiten the waterline!
  4. Add a little colour to the lips, then pat down on a bit of tissue to not get too much colour. The attention is on the eyes remember and we need a flush of colour, not a pop!

Any help, comments, questions, requests etc etc, then email me at - thanks!

SONG TO CHECK OUT Breaking Benjamin - So Cold (2004 We Are Not Alone)

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Candy Cane

Here's a good look for gals who try to stick to their skin tone when it comes to picking their makeup - calling all cool tones, a natural, fresh wide awake pretty in pink spring/summer look for day - or even night with a bit of vamped up gloss and thick brown liner.

Products (used from left to right)

M.A.C Brow Shader - Auburn/Malt
Avon Personal Match Mineral Makeup - Ivory
Avon Anew Foundation - Nude
The Color Workshop Pressed Bronzing Powder
Custom Brow Gel - Nude

EYESAvon Daring Curves Mascara - Black
Bourjois Clubbing Liquid Liner - Brown
Avon Colortrend Pencil Play Eyeliner - Brown
Avon Colortrend Pencil Play Eyeliner - White
Avon Shadestix - Natural Glaze
About Face Pigment - Snow Capped
About Face Pigment - School Girl
About Face Pigment - Wilted Roses
About Face Pigment - Laughing Outcast
About Face Pigment - Girl Genius

Avon Colortrend Rosy Lips Tin - Violet Bloom
Barry M Lip Liner - Pale Pink
Avon Glimmersticks Lip Liner - Pink Bouquet

  1. Start off by thickly applying some foundation with a blending sponge, making sure to get into all the fiddly bits like the eyes and nose. Conceal any dark circles or spots, and fill in brows. Apply some bronzer all over - focusing under the cheekbones and forehead. Groom the brows with the gel - smoothing down any flyaway hairs. Buff some powder all over to help the foundation and concealer set.
  2. Run the shadowstix all over the lid, then foil School Girl in glycerin and apply to the lid and lower lash line, creating a sheer, smooth base. Blend wilted rose onto the outer lid, going just upto the crease, and apply laughing outcast very lightly to the crease, working upwards towards the brow bone, then gently shade in the outer lower lash line, blending smoothly away. Apply girl genius to the inner corners, tearduct and lower lash line and snow capped to the brow bone to brighten and neutralise the look a little.
  3. Apply a medium line of the brown liquid liner to the top lash line, following the natural lash line as closely as possible. Add some brown liner to the outer lower lash line and blend away, then whiten the waterline and add some lashes of black mascara.
  4. Fill in the lipline with the dark pink lip pencil, then create a bow just above the v of the top lip with the pale pink pencil to create some highlights and instantly pouts the lip up, making them look fuller. Layer some luschious pinky/purple gloss over the top and you're ready for either the day or night!

Any comments, requests or questions then just email me at thanks!

Deathstars - Blitzkrieg (2006 Termination Bliss)

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Review: E.L.F Brightening Eye Color - Drama

More E.L.F reviews lol! Hopefully i'll get to an avon review as well as some other brand this weekend.. enjoy!

Packaging: Grr.. it's quite cheaply made, as i expect for the price.. but it makes me feel like it came from a kids makeup set.. the applicator is very soft and flimsy for a sponge applicator.. but the lid hasn't broken off. White on the bottom, clear lid with silverish writing, makes it difficult for me to see what the heck it says on it. The Palette name is on a little tiny sticker on the bottom, in teeny weeny writing, forgivable for the smaller products. Not for this big assed product. Boo.

Shade/s: Starts off with a white - slightly off looking when applied.. not the best white in the world, but it's decent enough for under the brow bone or on the tearduct *sigh*. Then there's a pale grey with a little bit of silver sparkle, quite pretty for it being such a dull colour, i wouldn't call it silver so don't go thinking it's that either. Then it's followed by a medium grey with a hint of silver shimmer, quite nice really, definately one of my favourite shades. Finally there's a black - not really magical and not all that pigmented enough for it to be a rich black - quite a lot of layers are needed for this colour. Good enough for a dark smokey eye - and good enough for it to be a travelling staple.

Texture: The white is very matte, not a shimmer like i was hoping it to be.. and you need quite a few layers for this unfortunately, so i hate using this much, but it's needed for a smokey eye look.. grr! The pale grey is quite soft and blendable and the glitter isn't too in your face or bitty, so the texture is really quite nice, expecially when foiled. The medium grey is quite nice also.. soft, blendable and pigmented, and the slight shimmer is quite professional and classy, so i love this one! The matte black is.. crud to say the least.. but it's needed for me. It takes quite a lot of layers to be able to use this properly, and a lot of blending is needed, when foiled it turns a dark grey unless again, a lot of product is used.

Price: For a staple..ish product, £1.50 is pretty decent, however i can tell it's that price by both the packaging and the textures of two of the shades.. so it's not really a deal. Meh, don't get at me, it gets a good enough score for what it actually is.

I wouldn't wear this a lot due to the white and black, and how irritating it is.. but as a general basic palette that can be used as a staple, its wearable for the day or night. The greys make it daytime friendly and the black can vamp it up quickly for night. Soo i can't complain, no smudging or creasing either. Plus it stays put until it's washed off so ok, full marks.

Total Score 6.8/10!

Any comments about this review, or anything else, just email me at, and i'll always be willing to help you!


Opeth - Ghost Of Perdition (2005 Ghost Reveries)

The Fortune Reader Convention

Lol again, as comes a more natural look comes something completely weird *sigh* no more blues for a bit.. i'm getting a bit tired of using them ;) Enjoy!

Products used

(Same as the Bee In The Bonnet look)

About Face Pigment - Twisted Psychic
About Face Pigment- Pinch Of Magic
About Face Pigment - High Drama
About Face Pigment - Root Of Evil
White Liquid Liner
Avon Colortrend Liquid Liner - Jet Black
Revlon Pencil Liner - Grey
Avon Colortrend Pencil Play Eyeliner - White
Avon Supershock Mascara - Brown

Avon Colortrend Lip Stix - Modern Mauve

  1. Apply the face stuff similar to the Bee In The Bonnet Look.
  2. Foil twisted psychic all over the lid, going up to the crease. Blend root of evil on the outer lid, going a little up towards above the crease, then layer high drama thinly along the inner lid. Use pinch of magic lightly as a highlighter and add a thick white line to the lower lash line.
  3. Whilst that's drying, apply the grey liner thinly to the top lash line, making a slight flick, then whiten the waterline. Add black liner thinly and very closely to the lower lash line, making sure you leave a white gap below the black. Make a small flick inbetween the grey and white flicks to join them. Add some mascara, making sure the brush them out for a finishing look.
  4. Lay some mauve lippy all over the middle of the lips, blending them out to the lipline with a small flat lip bush.

Any suggestions, comments, requests or if you just want to introduce yourself and chat then send me a message at!

Breed 77 - PetrĂ³leo (2007 Un Encuentro)

Bee In The Bonnet Look

Hey i haven't been able to update this thing for a little bit due to internet hogging and a problem with blogger *sigh*. Anyway story behind this is simply i had to see the doc, so i had to do something natural but magical ;). More suited for warm toned gals - i'm a neutral so i suit all colours - due to the copper hues. I'll do a cool toned pinkie thing at some point to make up for it.

Products used (left to right)

M.A.C Brow Shader - Auburn/Malt
Avon Pressed Powder - Sand
E.L.F All Over Color Stick - Fair
Avon Colortrend Roll N Glow Eyeshadow - Gold
Collection 2000 Sheer Moist Foundation - Porcelain
Avon Mineral Foundation - Ivory

EYESAvon Supershock Mascara - Brown
Boots No.17 Liquid Liner - Brown
Avon Colortrend Pencil Play Eyeliner - White
E.L.F Eye Pencil - Gilded
About Face Pigment - Angels Blush
About Face Pigment - Rockin Egyptian
About Face Pigment - Happy To Be Here
About Face Pigment - Oh Precious Patience
Avon Big Colour Eye Pencil - Creamy Ice

LIPSRimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - Asia

  1. Buff two thin layers of foundation over face to get a natural sheer coverage, covering up any bad areas with concealer. Fill in brows and set all over with some mineral makeup for full coverage and to mattify the look. Apply some powder under cheekbones, making sure the colour is only a few shades darker than your natural skintone. Apply some gold highlights all over and blend.
  2. Apply creamy ice pencil from lash line to brow and apply angels blush foiled over the top of the pencil to create a waterproof dual shimmer base. Apply happy to be here very lightly over the middle of the lids upto the crease, and gently blend in oh precious patience on the outer lide, slowly blending away the colour outwards to create a natural fading effect. Add some rockin egyptian to the inner corners, tearduct and lower lash line.
  3. Apply some gilded pencil along the top and bottom lash line, making sure to smude it along the corners to create a natural glow. Add some brown liquid liner along the top lash line, creating a thin natural looking line to thicken the lash look, stopping at the outer corners. Add a coat of brown mascara, making sure to curl the lashes beforehand. Whiten the waterline if necessary to create a white awake look, making sure to blend a little at the corners.
  4. Gently dab some nudeish looking lippy onto the centre of the lips to create a lovely pouty look.. Yum!

Any comments or requests i'll always be glad to reply to them, so email me at!

Velvet Revolver - Slither (2004 Contraband)

Friday, 8 August 2008

Avon Colortrend Shimmer Liner - Turquoise

Ok here we go good review to start off the morning before i have to go see the doc *sigh* i hate prepping.. should get this look up tonight - it's alright, not my best, but for you gals who like more normal things, this is for you!

Packaging: Cute little white lidded liquid liner tube.. 4 inches roughly in length, but there's a lot of product in here! Has a clear main part of the tube with the branding and spring/summer motif for the collection - a flower. I appreciate the applicator being in the lid, it's a small - very thin - brush.. makes it a little difficult to apply the product, but nice nonetheless.

Shade/s: Beautiful!! Perfect for spring/summer.. can be used for almost any look really.. minty more than turquoise, but wow this is stunning.. looks like mint ice cream! Full points!

Texture: Smooth and dries instantly, no waiting around for things to dry. However, there's a slight delay so you can correct any smudges or mistakes. Not too thin and not too thick of a consistency.. perfect!

Price: Cheapy cheap.. got it in sale of 3 for £5.. so that's a steal. The retail price is actually £3.. which is ridiculously cheap even there. Buy it i say! Better than most liners i've come across.

Wearability: Good for that summer/spring look, definately a lovely flattering colour for all skin tones and types. You can wear this colour with a variety of different shades.. blues, greens, heck even yellow! Not really suitable for formal situations like work etc... unless used on the lower lash line. But most people don't do that, so a bit of a fall back. But it lasts all day... ALL DAY! FTW!

Total Score 10/10!

Devildriver - Clouds Over California (2007 The Last Kind Words)