Friday, 8 August 2008

Avon Colortrend Shimmer Liner - Turquoise

Ok here we go good review to start off the morning before i have to go see the doc *sigh* i hate prepping.. should get this look up tonight - it's alright, not my best, but for you gals who like more normal things, this is for you!

Packaging: Cute little white lidded liquid liner tube.. 4 inches roughly in length, but there's a lot of product in here! Has a clear main part of the tube with the branding and spring/summer motif for the collection - a flower. I appreciate the applicator being in the lid, it's a small - very thin - brush.. makes it a little difficult to apply the product, but nice nonetheless.

Shade/s: Beautiful!! Perfect for spring/summer.. can be used for almost any look really.. minty more than turquoise, but wow this is stunning.. looks like mint ice cream! Full points!

Texture: Smooth and dries instantly, no waiting around for things to dry. However, there's a slight delay so you can correct any smudges or mistakes. Not too thin and not too thick of a consistency.. perfect!

Price: Cheapy cheap.. got it in sale of 3 for £5.. so that's a steal. The retail price is actually £3.. which is ridiculously cheap even there. Buy it i say! Better than most liners i've come across.

Wearability: Good for that summer/spring look, definately a lovely flattering colour for all skin tones and types. You can wear this colour with a variety of different shades.. blues, greens, heck even yellow! Not really suitable for formal situations like work etc... unless used on the lower lash line. But most people don't do that, so a bit of a fall back. But it lasts all day... ALL DAY! FTW!

Total Score 10/10!

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