Thursday, 7 August 2008

Ozone Layered

Ok this was the look i actually went out in.. very sweet, i don't normally go for blues.. but i wanted to use my custom pigments. Tomoz will be golds and browns as i have the doc appointment in the afternoon *sigh* but i'll do a crazy look in the evening for funzies.. mix up some elf shadows with some about face ones. No pics of the products today i'm afraid - batteries were running out by the time i got my few face ones :(!


(same as with Bewitching Fruit)

About Face Pigment - Snow Capped
About Face Pigment - Extra Caution + Purple Iridescent
About Face Pigment - Dark Secrets
Avon Colortrend Liquid Liner - Baby Doll Blue
Avon Colortrend Liquid Liner - Shimmer Silver
Avon Colortrend Liquid Liner - Jet Black
Avon Colortrend Kajal Stick - Black
Rimmel Lash Maxx Mascara - Brown

Avon Colortrend Read My Lips Lipgloss - Angel

  1. Apply face similar to Bewitching Fruit to start!
  2. Right, foil extra caution all over the lids. Blend dark secrets onto the outer half of the lid and above crease, then layer some more extra caution to the middle and inner lid for impact. Thinly apply snow capped as a highlighter just under the brows.
  3. Line the outer top lash line with the black liquid liner, making a large thin flick at the end. Apply the blue liner on the top lash line and again, make a big flick, but make it much longer than the black one. Line the bottom lash line with silver and do the same step as with the blue, connecting up with the end of the blue liner. Line the waterline in black pencil and apply at least 3 lashes of mascara.
  4. Layer a few thick coats of the pale pink gloss and you have yourself a spiffing look! Pair it with whites and blues tees, jeans or skirts for an awesome look!

Thanks for all the emails.. but i want more!! So if you want requests or anything, just hit me up at !

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