Sunday, 10 August 2008

Candy Cane

Here's a good look for gals who try to stick to their skin tone when it comes to picking their makeup - calling all cool tones, a natural, fresh wide awake pretty in pink spring/summer look for day - or even night with a bit of vamped up gloss and thick brown liner.

Products (used from left to right)

M.A.C Brow Shader - Auburn/Malt
Avon Personal Match Mineral Makeup - Ivory
Avon Anew Foundation - Nude
The Color Workshop Pressed Bronzing Powder
Custom Brow Gel - Nude

EYESAvon Daring Curves Mascara - Black
Bourjois Clubbing Liquid Liner - Brown
Avon Colortrend Pencil Play Eyeliner - Brown
Avon Colortrend Pencil Play Eyeliner - White
Avon Shadestix - Natural Glaze
About Face Pigment - Snow Capped
About Face Pigment - School Girl
About Face Pigment - Wilted Roses
About Face Pigment - Laughing Outcast
About Face Pigment - Girl Genius

Avon Colortrend Rosy Lips Tin - Violet Bloom
Barry M Lip Liner - Pale Pink
Avon Glimmersticks Lip Liner - Pink Bouquet

  1. Start off by thickly applying some foundation with a blending sponge, making sure to get into all the fiddly bits like the eyes and nose. Conceal any dark circles or spots, and fill in brows. Apply some bronzer all over - focusing under the cheekbones and forehead. Groom the brows with the gel - smoothing down any flyaway hairs. Buff some powder all over to help the foundation and concealer set.
  2. Run the shadowstix all over the lid, then foil School Girl in glycerin and apply to the lid and lower lash line, creating a sheer, smooth base. Blend wilted rose onto the outer lid, going just upto the crease, and apply laughing outcast very lightly to the crease, working upwards towards the brow bone, then gently shade in the outer lower lash line, blending smoothly away. Apply girl genius to the inner corners, tearduct and lower lash line and snow capped to the brow bone to brighten and neutralise the look a little.
  3. Apply a medium line of the brown liquid liner to the top lash line, following the natural lash line as closely as possible. Add some brown liner to the outer lower lash line and blend away, then whiten the waterline and add some lashes of black mascara.
  4. Fill in the lipline with the dark pink lip pencil, then create a bow just above the v of the top lip with the pale pink pencil to create some highlights and instantly pouts the lip up, making them look fuller. Layer some luschious pinky/purple gloss over the top and you're ready for either the day or night!

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