Saturday, 9 August 2008

Review: E.L.F Brightening Eye Color - Drama

More E.L.F reviews lol! Hopefully i'll get to an avon review as well as some other brand this weekend.. enjoy!

Packaging: Grr.. it's quite cheaply made, as i expect for the price.. but it makes me feel like it came from a kids makeup set.. the applicator is very soft and flimsy for a sponge applicator.. but the lid hasn't broken off. White on the bottom, clear lid with silverish writing, makes it difficult for me to see what the heck it says on it. The Palette name is on a little tiny sticker on the bottom, in teeny weeny writing, forgivable for the smaller products. Not for this big assed product. Boo.

Shade/s: Starts off with a white - slightly off looking when applied.. not the best white in the world, but it's decent enough for under the brow bone or on the tearduct *sigh*. Then there's a pale grey with a little bit of silver sparkle, quite pretty for it being such a dull colour, i wouldn't call it silver so don't go thinking it's that either. Then it's followed by a medium grey with a hint of silver shimmer, quite nice really, definately one of my favourite shades. Finally there's a black - not really magical and not all that pigmented enough for it to be a rich black - quite a lot of layers are needed for this colour. Good enough for a dark smokey eye - and good enough for it to be a travelling staple.

Texture: The white is very matte, not a shimmer like i was hoping it to be.. and you need quite a few layers for this unfortunately, so i hate using this much, but it's needed for a smokey eye look.. grr! The pale grey is quite soft and blendable and the glitter isn't too in your face or bitty, so the texture is really quite nice, expecially when foiled. The medium grey is quite nice also.. soft, blendable and pigmented, and the slight shimmer is quite professional and classy, so i love this one! The matte black is.. crud to say the least.. but it's needed for me. It takes quite a lot of layers to be able to use this properly, and a lot of blending is needed, when foiled it turns a dark grey unless again, a lot of product is used.

Price: For a staple..ish product, £1.50 is pretty decent, however i can tell it's that price by both the packaging and the textures of two of the shades.. so it's not really a deal. Meh, don't get at me, it gets a good enough score for what it actually is.

I wouldn't wear this a lot due to the white and black, and how irritating it is.. but as a general basic palette that can be used as a staple, its wearable for the day or night. The greys make it daytime friendly and the black can vamp it up quickly for night. Soo i can't complain, no smudging or creasing either. Plus it stays put until it's washed off so ok, full marks.

Total Score 6.8/10!

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