Friday, 15 August 2008

Random parcels of fun Part 2

Well here we go with the rest of my Revlon mysterious freebies, along with the gloss, i also got this wonderful eyeshadow palette. Only recently did i realise that this was a limited edition set! You can still buy this at the moment in stores - and the retail price currently is £12 from Superdrug - however they're having it on sale atm for £8, so that's pretty awesome really considering the price of most Revlon products.

Revlon - Soft On The Eyes Sheer Loose Shadow

Revlon's bio for this product is:

'Encircle eyes with a unique "watercolor"-inspired palette of four ultra-light loose shadows. The formula is sheer yet buildable, to adapt coverage and provide increased color impact as desired. Unique quad with mixing well and brush allows for maximum shade play and customization of color and beauty look. Available in 3 shadow quads.'

I actually received the quad 'Head In The Clouds' which is pictured above, and wow - what an amazing selection of colours - i think i got the most colourful of the three as one is a nudes quad and the other is more based on Autumn.. much darker colours.

Well this was the beauty i received - totally awesome stuff, i'll be honest with you - when i first got it i was a bit confused at how they could do sheer loose powder in a compact (it looked pressed in the palette), then i became scared of opening it - i imagined a ridiculous amount of product flying about! But when i opened it.. such an awesome gliding plastic cover rolls off the pigments when opened, and rolls back when closed - as you can see, there's a little mirror in the lid, and little holes over the pigment top to get just enough pigment on your brush. There's a little contour for mixing and foiling, and the brush that came with it - small but so soft and doesn't shed.. i'd buy this just for the brush really - so wonderful!

The only issue is the packaging.. it reminds me of the '80's... really.. meh green for the front with white plain writing? And a splooge in the corner to make it look more high end? Stop, what are you DOING Revlon?? The product is perfection.. if it didn't have this front on the packaging. The actual wearability of these products are endless.. so summery, you can foil them in the contour tray, or create new shades altogether! When applied dry - they're a beautiful soft bunch of colours.. and wet they're so wild and in your FACE! The minerals aren't milled quite as fine as TSS pigments and i will never change my mineral products to Revlon - or any other company - as those pigments are the best you can find. But this is better than other companies out there.. so well done Revlon :P. 9/10

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