Friday, 1 August 2008

Dark Side Of The Fire Look

Not one of the best smokey eyes in the world.. but its a start with red, purple and pinkish tones.. perfect for that LBD. Weather is reasonable overcast this morning, but looking out the window now, looking good. Might pop into New Look and pick up this baby in a size 6/8 (US 2/4), depending on the fit on the hips.. i hate mini skirts that go too high on the hips..

Products (left to right)

Avon Personal Match Foundation - Nude
Avon Personal Match Concealer - Light
MAC Brow Shader - Auburn/Malt
Avon Cynthia Rowley Face Illuminator
About Face Cashmere Stockings - Level 1
E.L.F Healthy Glow Bronzer - Sunkissed

About Face Pigment - Little Candy Kisses
About Face Pigment - Lucifers Chariot
About Face Pigment - Zelda's Revenge
About Face Pigment - Snow Capped
Avon Colortrend Kajal Stick - Black
Avon Big Colour Eye Pencil - Berry
Avon Superfull Mascara - Black

LIPSAvon Plumping Pout Lipgloss - Nude Pout

  1. Apply foundation, concealer and brows as usual, keeping it light and matte if possible. Gently rub the highlighter stick over top of cheekbones and cupids bow, blending gently around the edges. Contour face with the bronzer powder, lightly buffing under the cheekbones, working down the the jawline and out towards the temples. Buff the cashmere stockings over the face - same as your usual face powder.
  2. Rub a couple of layers of the berry pencil over the lids and crease, gently blending the look with pinkie finger around the edges. Foil Lucifers chariot and place all over the lid and middle lash line, then layer it again dry over the top to create a striking look. Darken out the look by placing several layers of Zelda's revenge on the outer lids and lower lash line, and blending out to the brow bone. Gently lighten the look by dabbing some Little Candy Kisses over the inner lids and lower lash line. Finish off with Snow Capped as a highlighter all over the brow bone.
  3. Get the black kohl and line the upper and lower lash line, as well as the waterline. Finish off with two coats of black mascara, and set them by powdering the lashes with zelda's revenge - giving a more richer black with little sparklies all over. When done correctly, this helps mascara from fading, smudging and even can lengthen and thicken the lash look.
  4. Apply some gloss over lips and you're ready to go :P!
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Dominici - Liquid Lightning (2008
O3 A Trilogy - Part 3)

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