Monday, 28 July 2008

Extending the olive branch

Originally, I did this on Friday, but as I've been busy checking out my fav forum at the moment, I haven't been able to start up this lil' blog yet. I'm guaranteed to look back on my first post and probably laugh at my terrible blogging skills and bad attempt at humour. So, lets get my humiliation over with!

Products used (left to right)
Avon Colortrend Oil-free foundation - Ivory Beige
E.L.F All Over Color Stick - Fair
Avon Pressed Powder - Sand
Avon Soft Matte Mousse Makeup - Nude
Avon Personal Match Mineral Makeup - Ivory
Avon Face Pearls
M.A.C Brow Shader - Auburn/Malt
E.L.F Duo Eye Shadow Cream - Olive
About Face Pigment - Blame The Rain
About Face Pigment - Snow Capped
About Face Pigment - Broken Rules
Avon Glimmersticks For Eyes - Cosmic Brown
Barry M Kohl Pencil - 21 Kiwi Green
Avon Colortrend Pencil Play Eyeliner - White
Avon SuperSHOCK Mascara - Brown
Avon Glazewear Diamonds Lipstick -Razzle Dazzle

  1. Buffed foundation all over with large foundation brush. Used first a thin layer of matte mousse to cover under eye area, follow up with color stick over eye area, and any odd imperfections. Using an angled brow brush, filled in my brows with the darker shade of the duo.
  2. Gently tapped face pearls with a medium rounded blush brush just under the cheekbones, following cheekbones upto temple. Using a contour angled face brush, i just swished a little under the face pearls, going just upto the jawline. Blend! Finish forehead, nose, eye area (especially under the eyes to set concealer) and the chin/upper lip area.
  3. The paler green of the cream duo goes on the first 1/2 of the lid, whilst the brown goes onto the outer lid and outer crease. Gently layer Blame The Rain onto the inner 1/2 of lid and lower lash line, and Broken Rules onto the outer lid and outer lower lash line, and gradiating up to the outer crease and lightly above that. Sweep a small amount of Snow Capped under the brow bone. Highlights i've found tend to soften the gradiation above the crease and tends to complete a look, so always use highlighter, whether it's white or a very pale colour. The results are worth it.
  4. Use the brown liner on the outer 1/2 of the top and bottom lash line, following your natural eye shape, no flicks or fancy stuff, just a medium precise line. Connect the brown with the kiwi pencil on the top inner and bottom lash line, making sure to accentuate the inner corner. Finally, use the white on the waterline, up to the tearduct, however if this is uncomfortable, then skip this part. Finally, two coats of mascara to the top and one coat to the bottom lashes. Brush them out with a decent lash comb!
  5. Finally, a good couple of coats of the lippy - no need to use a brush, pencil or gloss.

If you managed to achieve this look then comment, send pics, etc. Have a question, request or just want a chat? Mail it to me at I'll answer you. I promise! If you think I suck then go to another blog, i'm allowed to suck a little, so screw you.

Scar Symmetry - Morphogenesis (2008 Holographic Universe)

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