Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Review: E.L.F All Over Color Stick - Pink Lemonade

Thought i'd do what i'd promised and slowly review bits from my e.l.f order the other week. Anyway, sorry this post is a bit late, but i slept a lot of yesterday and i wanted to give a coherent review of sorts lol.

Packaging: The packaging is a cute little white tube with a nice clear lid (appreciate this highly, definately helps on busy mornings) and a twist bottom, to help push the product up or down. Problem is the size of the product - it was quite small.. not too small for the price, but smaller than what i expected. However, after swatching, i can't imagine going through this like lightning.
Shade/s: A very soft, pretty pink with a sheer shimmer to it and when blended well gives a natural radiant flush. I've seen various reviews of the colour, and i really think that the people applying this product must have been lathering the stuff on to give the 'tacky' colour. Sorry but most products and shades only get tacky when the person can't apply it properly.
Smooth and creamy, not goopy and thin. Worth the value, you only need a small amount of product to give a gorgeous wash of colour. Doesn't crease, or cake skin, however won't leave you wondering where you put the product because it never shows up. The only problem is that -as with most cream products- needs quite a bit of blending if used on face or eyes, without the blending, you'd look tarty to say the least.
£1.50.. i don't think ANYONE can find a fault in such decent pricing.
You can use this anywhere. I've tried and it works. On the eyes, it makes a perfect base under pink and peach eye looks, lips it gives a pretty shimmy flush (if used lightly) and on the face it's just perfect. As it happens, i store this with my face stuff as i tend to use this more for a light blush and highlight, rather than anywhere else. I'm also aware that other people with this product tend to use this on the face.. so expect this beauty to go on your cheeks more than most.

Total Score 9.6/10!
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