Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Boots Cosmetics Offer

Most people love Boots - you can get almost anything from them at a cheap, reasonable price and p&p. Boot's even have their own range, famous for their successful eye creams and cosmetics.
Now, you can try and buy anything up to the value of £20 or more, from the Boots No.7 range and get this free little doozie, that most people would buy individually. Offer expires 12th of August, so you don't need to rush your orders just yet.
Exclusively designed by Lisa Eldridge, the summer palette contains a face powder for fair/medium skintones, a rosy nude blush, 4 eyeshadows of pale aqua, dark brown, dark flesh colour and a mauve. Also contains two lip colours in a reddish brown and a dark fuschia pink, as well as a small blush brush, and a duo ended lip brush and sponge eye applicator.
I have to admit, both the eye and lip colours are a weird combination for a summer palette. Infact, aqua AND fushcia pink..? Probably not the best combinations for a palette full stop. And i hate it when face powders are just shoved into palettes.. believe it or not, there are other people with different skin tones that buy and wear makeup. Ugh, even though i'm not loving this palette much at all, you of course can prove me wrong. Got it? Tell me what it's like, maybe i'm just being catty.

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