Monday, 4 August 2008

Avon Rosy Lips Tin - Violet Bloom Review

The Rosy Lips Tins are part of Colortrend's Spring/Summer 2008 Collection. I actually bought the whole collection on it's immediate release, so i'll again gradually be working my way through, as it's a good collection to check out for bright colours.

Packaging: As in the description, the rosy lips tins are.. actually in tins. Not very large tins really, a couple of inches or so in length, however there's quite a lot of product inside, making it a really good deal. The lid slides off, but isn't loose or too stiff, making it a really sturdy product. The design on the front is super cute, with the collections motif of a small flower on the front with the details of the product along the side and the colour name is on a sticker on the back. Really sturdy stuff, great for travel, handbags.. everywhere, anytime i think the idea for this is. Clever considering they were thinking of the women that would be going on holiday at this time.

Shade/s: Violet bloom is a rich, vivid metallic purple with a hint of pink. Has beautiful little tiny silver/purple sparkles in, making this so lush on the lips. It's not a versatile colour, good for anywhere but work lol, but i'm sure most women would try it with this beauty. Definately my favourite shade of the bunch.

Texture: Goopy. Extremely soft, don't go thinking this is a very hard lipstick, because it sure as hell isn't. I mean the pigmentation is so strong, most people would call this a lipstick, but the consistency is more a thick gloss. Not a bad thing, but it isn't hair proof, extremely sticky. That's the only problem with this really, but for me that's a big thing if i'm going out for a while.

Price: Very good value, got this around £1.50 in a sale, whereas normally it's about £3.50. The amount of product you actually get is worth the retail price, however the texture isn't for everyone so i'd try and get it in the sales if you can.

Wearability: Here's the thing. The shade is gorgeous, but not something you could reach for most mornings. The consistency isn't all day proof (or if you're out in bad weather, 10 minutes proof) and you need a lip brush to apply this every time. You CANNOT use your fingers for hygiene and product life reasons (aka it will go everywhere). So this means that the only reason you will wear this often is if your high maintenance, always have loads of time to put the slap on, and don't go anywhere. Buy it for the colour and the novelty.. and perhaps if you like the texture. Nothing more.

Total Score 8.4/10!

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