Tuesday, 5 August 2008

E.L.F Featherproof Moisturising Lip Liner - Mauve Luxe

I know, large long image right there lol. Anyway, hope everyone is doing alright out there in cheap makeup land. Head on over to my favourite site at the moment to check out the new summer limited edition with a magical theme. I endorse it fully. Now onto the generic review!

Packaging: Can't say much.. it came shrink-wrapped originally, which is always annoying.. but anyway, thats not the point. It's a pencil. The lid stays on firmly and is see through, so thats handy if you dont have the time to go around reading the labels. The silver embossed writing on the side of the pencil is a little annoying as in some lights it can be difficult to see, but i prefer it to black plain writing. Basically i prefer the asthetics side to it. Came with a white pencil sharpener, so thats cute.

Shade/s: Mauve Luxe - odd name, but such a pretty colour. Originally i wasn't so sure.. im not the type of person to go big on mauve for the lips.. but i bought it anyway for the sake of trying new things. I'm glad i tried it. Quite natural, but adds a lovely tint to the lips. Most women with any skin tone should buy this as it's not as mauve as it looks.

Texture: Very smooth texture to this, not chunky and cheap. Very good quality for what it is, gives a matte finish to the lips, making it very appealing to most people. Big gripe is that it says extremely clearly on the label that it's MOISTURISING. What? How can a lip pencil be moisturising? Is it a cream?? No. Sorry, it's your average lip liner.. not creamy, not magic. Don't say something does something that it can't possibly do. Minus points for this flaw!

Price: £1.50 for a lip liner isn't bad.. but i'll be honest, i can get the same sort of thing off ebay for the same price. However, it's still good value for what it is.. so i can't complain. Especially since it came with a brilliant sharpener that isn't cheapy cheap and hasn't broken yet!

Wearability: Now it says on the label that it's featherproof - which it is. I'm surprised. I thought i'd be lied to twice on this label.. but i was wrong. It lasted all day. No smudging, no irritations. The colour is natural and gorgeous for anytime. You can't go wrong with buying this product to be honest.

Total Score: 9.2/10!

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