Wednesday, 6 August 2008

What the hell?

Sorry but i have to get this off of my chest - why should guys get to look prettier than us gals? Not fair. Superdrug now have decided to let guys have their own brand on liner. For £6.50. Guys - you have to be an idiot to go for this.. just because it says guyliner on the side doesn't mean you're allowed to shove an extra £3 on it. Buy something cheap and you can pretend it's for your girlfriend/sister/mother.
I'll give this product less than a year before i see it off the shelves. If my guy has liner on then it's cause he asked me to put it there. I use my own liner on him.. just as he asks. Target audience for this product? Goths, emos and the alternative scene. So don't target superdrug.. because they rarely go there. Target the goth shops and be done with it. Jeez..

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