Thursday, 14 August 2008

Electric Gum

Haha unfortunately the power cable to my laptop died with my sanity so i haven't been able to update this thing properly in such a long time (3 days?).. But here's one of my little looks. Unfortunately i can't help anyone with the face or lip stuff, as i didn't get chance to take many pics that day and beable to upload them before my laptop died! Hope you enjoy!

Products used
About Face Pigment - Valley girl
About Face Pigment - Click Your Heels + Orange Iridescent
About Face Pigment - Shards of Glass
About Face Pigment - Snow Capped
Barry M Eyeliner - Hot Pink
Avon Colortrend Kohl Liner - Black
Boots no.17 Ultimate Length Mascara - Black
Astor Mascara - Pink

  1. Valley Girl foiled all over lids, Click Your Heels + Orange Iridescent on the inner lid and lower lash line, Shards Of Glass on the outer lid, working up to the brow bone and Snow Capped along the brow bone, blending into the black and pink. Black kohl to line top and outer bottom lash line, as well as the waterline and hot pink liner on the inner bottom lash line. Black mascara applied with one coat and hot pink mascara on the tips.
  2. Apply some medium hot pink lippy with a slick of clear gloss over the top!

Need some tips, help, suggestions.. then send me an email at, i'll definately help you regardless of your style - natural to wildchild.

Karnivool - Themata (2007 Themata)


tracy said...

Lovely pictures! I just checked out the themata. It was an awesome track!
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Ericwipe287 said...

Hey, u r lookin very adorable in all pics. But i liked the 3rd pic the most.

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